Thursday, 26 March 2009

A Quick Zen Like Question

I thought this would be an interesting little Zen like question for you all to ponder. Will be fun to see what answers come up.

A Zen Master once asked me:

What is it that gives this coin both a heads(front)and tails(back)side?


  1. False perception?

    How about over-analytical perception? Being urged by a overly analytical tendancy to see the two seemingly distinct sides of it.

  2. Answers:

    1) A machine

    2) Sides? You gave them to it.

  3. What is it that gives your coin its sides?

    A Mark IV Penny Press Machine, Model CM549-A3.

  4. Hehe Jamie, true. Yeah, I was't a big fan of koans either, they make my head hurt.

    Αλέξης Ν. - The coin being used isn't by coincidence, it is also symbolic, as you say, of the mind splitting one object into two. The dualistic tendencies of man too, 2 sides of one coin.

    Jim - Thank you :)

    hamad - good point...both. :-)

    Doug - I like it, 1) relative truth 2) absolute truth.....two sides of one coin? :-)

  5. There is still one more side to the coin.

  6. A said...
    There is still one more side to the coin.

    There is as many sides to the coin as you want to see. It is all still one coin. :-)