Thursday, 14 May 2009

Yes, Yet More Old Zen Koans

Since its been a bit quiet, I thought a few good old Koans would be in order. These have been told in a couple different ways in the past.

Flag in Breeze

Two monks were outside on a windy day admiring a flag flapping quickly in a stiff breeze.

The first monk said, "Look, flag moving."
The second monk cleverly said, "No, no, wind moving."
A wise monk happened to be walking by, and over hearing the other two, leaned towards them and said "Mind moving."

Mothers Ocean

There once was a young student of Zen who was very curious and asked his teacher, "If age isn't real, and time only exists as an object of the mind, would it be possible for a daughter to become as old as her mother?" The teacher responded, " A raindrop does not begin in the sky and does not end in the ocean."

Why did the teacher say this in answer to the students question?


  1. Don't forget the fourth monk (from, visibly annoyed at the other three, who said, "Mouths are flapping!"