Monday, 29 March 2010

Stephen Batchelor: Deconstructing Buddhism

Via the great

Deconstructing Buddhism (Part 1)    03/20/10[Download][Play]1:23:12

Deconstructing Buddhism (Part 2)    03/20/10[Download][Play]34:17

Deconstructing Buddhism (Part 3)    03/20/10[Download][Play]1:30:33

Deconstructing Buddhism (Part 4)    03/20/10[Download][Play]38:54

I recently wrote about Stephen Batchelor's new bookConfession of a Buddhist Atheist. Here are some fresh talks he gave on his US book tour just last week. Looking forward to a listen.


  1. I've just finished listening to these for the second time. Superb! While I'm not entirely convinced about all of Mr Batchelor's conclusions, I have great respect for his sincerity, intelligence and understanding of Buddhism. Reading 'Buddhism without Beliefs' was one of the key factors that made Buddhism accessible to me. I'm looking forward to reading his new book and I'm inspired to renew my study of the Pali Canon.

  2. Mr. Batchelor is a great exponent of the sravaka-listener vehicle. He doesn't know the Great Vehicle even in his dreams, much less the One Buddha Vehicle.