Friday, 8 July 2011

newish mindfulness blog

hi there buddhists.

so, i started this new blog, following the direct path

i thought i would wait a bit before telling people about it because i wasn't at all sure i could really blog regularly about mindfulness. i still don't really, know, that is. i had been doing a bit of teaching, which went okay except that i am not really well enough to travel to teach, so having had a personal blog for about 10 years, i thought i would try to blog what i would teach.

so far it's been interesting. a bit of feedback, not as much as i would like, but still. and also, it is a bit like teaching, in that once i have posted i start thinking about the next one, and in this way i have found that mindfulness has been very much on my mind. though whether that is actually me being mindful is another matter.

i made a GIANT tech blunder at the beginning as well, i misspelled satipatthanna in my URL - missed out the 'h', and when i thought it was too late i didn't worry about it, but when i realised i could change the URL i did it, and promptly lost followers. teething trouble.

there is also this issue of 'how much buddhism' when you teach mindfulness... oddly, or perversely, i am personally getting more buddhisty myself, while trying to keep the blog as free from jargon as possible. i don't know if that's sustainable...

anyway, i would be grateful for any feed back - either here or on the blog.


  1. Hi there,

    I am not a Buddhist (I am Jewish) but definitely interested in mindfulness. I do a fair bit of writing on Jewish 'mindfulness' and 'intentional living' so I look forward to learning from the experts! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    This Good Life

  2. I'm one of your usually-non-commenting readers. Just looked at your new blog -- please keep it! I've added it to my reader feed.

  3. Brilliant. Thanks for letting us know. I've noticed that there doesn't seem to be much online in the way of a mindfulness community. I will try to follow your blog.

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  5. I don't think mindfulness is relegated to Buddhism itself, many religions practice aspects of mindfulness in their daily rituals. Mindfulness is about flow, understanding thoughts before they arise "being mindful and wary" when negativity, hate and anger come up. If we can do that, we are all practicing mindfulness.