Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mantra Meditation

In this guest post, Allison Brooks explores the history and power or mantra meditation. As always, we encourage your feedback. What is your experience with mantras? Do you think the science holds up?
A connected whole offers healing

Meditation is an old tradition that has many roots and many different types. It is way for a person to look within, concentrate, and reflect on oneself to relax the body and ease the mind. This type of self-hypnosis/medication helps one to de-stress and connect with the mind and spirit to achieve self-healing and balance the chakras, or energy points of the body. Meditation encompasses a broad spectrum of relaxation techniques spanning from clearing the mind of all conscious thoughts, to visual imagery, or focusing on one particular word. While typical meditation requires stillness, some like Tai Chi or Qigong involve various movements.

Mantra is a form of mediation that focuses on single thought. A continuous repetition of a word, phrase, or sound prevents any distracting thought to disturb the mind. Other forms of meditation allow the mind to flutter, acknowledging every thought without judging its importance.

The definition of mantra comes from a saying the Vedas which states that “Speech is the essence of humanity”.  During a Mantra session, words and/or phrases are chanted thoughtfully and with attention to bring a physical effect. Mantra meditation can be used to help ease the mind for any matter. For example, it can affect change to a certain incident, to regain a healthy state of well-being, or to improve health and healing. They are specifically created to produce a certain vibration and intent to promote a certain state of meditation. They are normally chanted until the mind, body, and emotions are transcended and the subconscious is revealed.

This form of meditation is used to bring the mind and soul for their wandering states to a more focused and relaxed one. Many people have sworn by the effects of Mantra meditation bringing the body back to normal and reviving the connection with mind, body, and spirit. People not only use this form to reconnect, but also to heal. Many people with a cancer prognosis use mantra to focus the body on healing and unblock an energy that would inhibit the healing process. Many have claimed to recover faster or that the symptoms of treatments are alleviated from these techniques.
Allison Brooks is a recent college graduate and a holistic health nut, aiming to enlighten people about the benefits of natural and integrative therapies.


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