Sunday, 3 March 2013

Karma Conspiracy: Doing My Part

You may have seen my earlier post on Lisa Nigro, a former Chicago police officer who founded an organization, The Inspiration Corporation, that now brings in about $6,000,000 a year to serve the homeless. She is definitely Chicago’s most inspiring story. At least that's what the word on the street is. I had the privilege of making her acquaintance while renting some space at a start-up incubator in Evanston and she gave a talk on writing a mission statement for social entrepreneurs.

The streets of Charlotte have mission statements in the making with social entrepreneur start-ups in this series of posts ‘Karma Conspiracy’.

It is now my privilege to  introduce you to Mike Spencer, business owner and social entrepreneur.
I just had to give a shout out to Mike in the first installment. I had the privilege of meeting Mike after he pinged me on and asked me to volunteer, out of the blue, for his participation at a social entrepreneur expo at the Democratic National Convention. Of course, I was going to be there anyway trolling the exhibits so I couldn’t turn him down.

Mike is one of Charlotte's new breed of business and social entrepreneurs and he is making a big impact with a great organization he founded:
Mike Spencer

The site uses the concept of micro donations, as little as $3 a month, and pools them together to help fund projects for both doing my part and other charitable organizations.

Mike is a very impressive and outgoing character. Just this morning, we were out on the streets of Charlotte with other people he managed to corral together by just being who he is and we hit the streets after Charlotte's most recent, snowy Saturday.

What a great day to get off the zafu to participate in a flash mob for the street team with!

Here is an impromptu video interview with Mike at the DNC. Turn up the volume, it was crowded and I had to filter out the background noise....

With A Bow,
Sean Flanigan
Charlotte, NC

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