Sunday, 13 July 2014

Blogroll update and call for new writers

Via Savagchickens.

Like this blog, Buddhatron isn't changing much - on the outside at least. I'd like to think that the authors and readers are doing good internal work though, and that such work is being noticed by those around them in their families and neighborhoods and communities at large.

Nonetheless we do need to keep up some appearances of outward change and progress, like new posts, for instance. My great gratitude goes to Tom, then, for stirring the proverbial pot recently with two excellent posts:

This brings our post-count up to 3 for the year, following my (otherwise unanswered) plea for more activity back in April.

The site still seems to get visitors, currently around 5000/month, down from a high in 2012 with 3 months in a row of over 15000/month. So the audience is certainly out there. But what about writers and topics worth covering from a Progressive Buddhist standpoint?

You tell me. If you are a current contributor, let me know where you stand on things. If you're interested in becoming one, check out the writer's guidelines (above) and contact me at the address there if you're interested.

And what about that blogroll? A key part of this whole blogging thing is finding out who out there is thinking about similar topics: so who are the progressive (or progressive-ish) Buddhist bloggers we should be linking to on our blogroll?

My thanks in advance.


  1. Greetings!
    I have been absent for too long, personally, and will start writing again shortly!

  2. Hi Denis, that's great news! I look forward to it.