Saturday, 8 August 2009

Reciting the Metta Sutta in solidarity with the monks of Burma

Last Wednesday was Metta Sutta Day in Burma. However, the government there has clamped down on the traditional chanting of this sutta because of it's association with the protests there in 2007.

As an act of solidarity, Rev. Danny Fisher has recorded himself chanting the sutta and has put it on YouTube in the hope that others will do the same in a viral video campaign.

All you'll need is a web-cam, digital camera or microphone, the sutta (above) and access to YouTube. Please join in if you can.


  1. I think this is an excellent idea, bravo to Danny, and thanks Justin for linking to it

    Though I am a bit camera shy...

  2. Kyle: My friend Michael commented in my post that it might be a good idea to suggest audio recording as well, since, as you note, some of us are camera-shy. So, audio is welcome! You can upload that to YouTube too.

  3. LOL I'll swallow my pride this evening and give it a go! Thanks!