Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Review: Zen - ("Dogen, The Movie")

This isn't a full review, just a quick recommendation really.

'Zen' is a drama based on the life of Japanese Zen Master Dogen. Overall, I enjoyed it very much. Beautifully shot and well acted, although for me it was let down slightly by a couple of CGI scenes, especially one where Dogen attains enlightenment and flies into the sky on a huge lotus flower. I also suspect that much of the character drama and many of the characters were invented to create a story that works as a movie. There is a scene in which a Dogen advises a woman with a dying child to visit the every household in which no one has ever died. This is a parable I've heard attributed to both Buddha and Jesus, but not Dogen. It is peppered with some of Dogen's sayings - enough to get a flavour of his teachings.

It wasn't easy for me to get hold of a copy - I had to get it imported from Hong Kong, but for me it was a must-see.


The preview is here: Zen

And there is a more substantial review here: Religious film lacks thrill of temptation


  1. Thanks, I'll definitely grab a copy of this.

  2. Me, too. Kyle: Mail me Justin's copy of the film after you've seen it.

  3. The Asian movies has something that Hollywood doesn't has. maybe it's the language :) I'm not living even close to HK, but I'll try to get this movie somehow :) thank for the review!

  4. Seems to be a good movie really, the thing is the japaneses are not a very good actors, if you want a japanese movie have been see it around the world it have to be very good movie with an excellent plot.

    1. The Japanese are not very good actors? Seriously? Racist much?

      You have to watch something a little more serious than Godzilla movies to make a believable claim.

  5. The Japanese Zen Master Dogen, is one of the best movies that I have ever read,I would like to download the trailer because I have never watched it !


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