Friday, 23 July 2010

On Jikoji Pond

On Jikoji Pond

Swinging in a hammock on a pond covered in duckweed,

hanging from three oak trees, I reflect on the beauty of no reflection

and the stillness and motion captured by the five senses.

Taking it all in, yet breathing it all out – I’m freed.

The duckweed’s cover is frosty like lime ice cream,

surrounding floating green islands of baby lilly pads.

Two-tailed yellow butterflies dance with the dragonflies,

and a wild boar’s midnight mud bath shimmers in the light’s gleam.

In the distant trees, a woodpecker rat-a-tat-tats, a barn owl hoots,

and gray-tailed squirrels belch from their nests in the tree tops.

Steller blue jays play a happy chorus while a red-legged frog croaks

and a baby red-shouldered hawk toots.

The odor of freshly burned oak fills the air

and the piney smell of pinecones dotted along the shore.

Scents of mossy bark and fresh mildew are strong

but perfumed smells from tiny wild flowers are also there.

A cool breeze bristles the skin as the hammock swings

and tickles each toe dangling through the sandals.

Beads of sweat gather and gently roll down the skin

to soothe the many places where the mosquito stings.

Eating fresh picked huckleberries that grow nearby

and chaparral currents hidden in thickets in the tree groves.

A cool drink of freshly squeezed lemonade quenches

and so do the plums, cherries, and homemade apple pie.

Savoring each moment while knowing it won’t last;

enjoying the full engagement of the senses

on a pond full of beauty, joy, and bliss,

while letting go of each once they have passed.

-Metteyya Brahmana


  1. Wow, wonderful imagery. I could really feel, smell, hear and experience this with you through your words. I love the smell of mossy bark and fresh mildew. Along with the pine smells.

  2. Thanks for that comment James! Jikoji Pond is a pond on the grounds of the Jikoji Zen retreat center located high in the Santa Cruz mountains. It is a special place with unique energy, and incredible trails through the forest along streams and waterfalls, and lookout bluffs with views of amazing sunsets over the Pacific Ocean.

    Jikoji is clearly one of my favorite spots for reflection and meditation!

    -Metteyya Brahmana

  3. I also could really feel, smell, hear and experience this with you through your words.