Friday, 23 July 2010

Prison Monastery

Shackled and chained

Desire is Imaginary

Cravings extinguished

Meditation fills the dawn

Dharma fills the mind

Tested daily on the yard

Shots don’t see me

Whistles don’t hear me

Shanks don’t feel me

Silence amongst the noise

Calm within is mine

Can’t take my peace

Drama rises and falls

Like everything else

Let it pass and it will

-Metteyya Brahmana


  1. This is a poem I wrote for the Prison Sangha Newsletter that I co-edit, which is a newsletter that links the outer Vipassana Santa Cruz sangha to the inner prison sangha at Soledad and Salinas Valley state prisons where a number of us act as volunteer chaplains by going into the prisons to teach the dharma and sit with brothers in meditation.

    It is my hope that the poem will inspire the brothers that are locked up there to view their prisons as an opportunity to deepen their practice as though they were in a monastery rather than as a place that makes them suffer.

    -Metteyya Brahmana

  2. Your hope will come true.