Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Very Buddha Thinking Hat

Today I heard a Dharma teacher say "The world needs the fruits of our practice."

I hope this means the seeds of our practice are in the fruits of our practice.  It is a lot of hard work on a day to day basis.

My thinking hat has grown old. Maybe it is time to start blossoming instead of designing the perfect practice.


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  1. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing so much wisdom here for everybody. You are surely creating cause for more wisdom into your life.

    I understood it from the opposite angle - that the fruits of our practice are in the seeds of our practice.

    Whatever seed we have creates the effect.Tulip seeds grow tulips, apple seeds grow apple tree - in the same way greedy and ego seeds create more greed and ego.

    For the world to benefit from our practice it must help others develop more wisdom. If they develop wisdom they feel more joy and release suffering. And if our practice is bringing joy and releasing suffering every second we surely are creating nothing but beautiful spiritual and wise karma.

    But what to practice?

    We practice the 6 bodhisattva characters: generosity, discipline, patience, concentration, meditation, wisdom.

    When we do this correctly, in a spiritual direction, in a direction to develop more wisdom and understand life, in a direction towards letting go of ego and free to share compassion - we create beautiful fruit for the world to share and enjoy.

    See here for more detailed information about them:

    Thank you for your post and look forward to sharing more wisdom with you :)

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