Thursday, 11 April 2013

And Then One Day I Realized X

It is quite stunning that I get excited over so many personal revelations and live off the fumes from my inner glow, then things get dull or life gets bad. Then I seem to always renew the personal revelation that I really don't know anything and carry on.

I have managed to see life from several perspectives: affluent, broke, fat, thin, smart, ignorant... and at each perspective, I always came to the conclusion that I didn't know anything all along. Seeing this pattern is my latest revelation, and today is the day that I realized X.

So what now? I just bought a bunch of books from a fellow practitioner who is taking his practice out west to find some "real teachers" because he couldn't find any to his satisfaction here in Charlotte. Maybe I'll read his books until things get dull or life gets bad. If that doesn't work, maybe I'll move west too.

I've moved North a couple of times. That was kind of cool, but I seem to alienate people no matter where I move.....

Wow! Was that a new revelation? Maybe I'll keep the books in the trunk of my car today......

With Trust,



  1. Very interesting post. I've been fascinated with Buddhism for a long while now, and have been really enjoying reading through this blog. I work for a new social blogging site called, and was just wondering if you would be interested in sharing your posts there with us? it wouldn't change your blog or anything, and I know our community would love to read through your work here. Let me know what you think!

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  2. Its a good place to begin, realizing that we don't really 'know' anything. That can move us to a very open place and interestingly, after a lot of wandering about we are very likely to come back to the very same realization. Thanks for you honesty.

  3. @Ever Here Now, thanks for the confirmation of my status update of long journey, peace.

  4. @Teo T, Justin runs this blog and is in charge of its distribution to third parties. So he is in charge. You can contact him if this was not a robo post.