Sunday, 3 August 2014

An Apology


After re-reading my posts a few times I am dumbfounded by the horrid writing that I have been posting. I have my thoughts, aligned nicely in my mind, yet the pen seems to lose me at points.

I also am so sorry for the fact that posts are 2,000 words. This is not fair for any blog reader because I tend to get so long winded. Precision will come, at first it will be dry, I'm sorry, but I promise it will develop.

Love, and thanks

Denis Kurmanov


  1. Your writing is not at all horrid or anything like that. Dont be so hard on yourself. Practice and relax in finding your voice.


  2. Denis, I'm with Flaviena. You're doing fine! But if you read a post you've written and determine that a sentence construction can be improved, edit the post. The subjects of your posts are very interesting to me! And I am enjoying your writing style.

  3. I'll third Flaviena and Tom's encouraging comments. Writing, like many things in life, is a practice and it may take time before you are happy with it; but keep working it out. Enjoy the process. And thank you for being here.

  4. You guys are too kind! :)
    Thank you for the words of encouragement, it means a lot!!

    Denis Kurmanov

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    1. Dennis. I encourage you to continue attempting to put as much meaning in as few words as possible. That is what I am trying to do. I like your idea of apologizing to your readers.