Monday, 29 October 2007

Progressive Buddhism: in the news

A very brief 'kudos' to Paul Jahshan, one of our Progressive Buddhists, and heads up to the rest of you. Click the image (or here) for the full story.


  1. Wow that's great! Thanks Justin and congratulations Paul!

    The Other Justin

  2. Thanks a lot, guys, that was quick! I had meant to send you the link tonight, but it seems you read the article before I did!

    My main complaint was, upon seeing the piece this afternoon, that the editors removed, from the initial phone (and them email) interview, a whole passage dealing with the scholarly journal, the editorial board, the first issue, etc. I guess editors have their own way of deciding what goes in and what stays out!

    On another, very welcome note, Brian Victoria, famed author of "Zen at War," just emailed me and generously offered to be part of the editorial board of the Journal of Progressive Buddhism, so I'm thrilled and honoured that our vision of a better Buddhism is being recognized!

    Cheers to you, my good friends!


  3. Brian Victoria ? That's a bit of a coup. Was this a response to the article? Please invite him, and anyone else on your board, if he'd like to contribute here too.