Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Very Buddha Easter Egg Hunt

We all have Dharma teachers that leave an impression on us. The one that has deeply touched me the most leads the Chicago based Order Of Interbeing Sangha.

It wasn't really any deep thoughts or flashes of enlightenment I gained from being in his humble presence, which is probably what some of you expected me to say. It was his insistence on one principle. After some of the most beautiful Dharma talks and discussions he would always end with "Don't take my word for it, why not experience it for yourself?"

So I did. Sometimes it was quite painful.

My perspective has changed since then towards all of those brave souls who offer spiritual and practiced based guidance.

After treading through the wilderness on my own, I would emerge with little gems I had found that liberated me from suffering, but those gems are empty if unskillfully shared.

To others, they are mere Easter eggs. They are just shells, concepts and representations of life experiences, but they have no substance until they are filled with the yolk of experiences.

Sometimes the Buddhist with the smallest book collection can be the one who recognizes that Dharma teachings are like egg shells. They are fragile and empty.  The direct experience can seem abstract and intellectual when shared, which is why many of the most revered teachers keep it simple. Very very simple. The simplicity can help others from suffering so deeply that a few simple egg shells, no matter how empty and fragile, are of great value when in skillful hands.

Sean Flanigan
Charlotte, NC

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  1. Great post Sean. One thing I see time and again is the 'allure of being RIGHT' overwhelming people's basic instincts of kindness. Saying 'just practice' is a good way to turn off the often overly-analytic mind and getting back to the process of self-transformation that is at the heart of Buddhism.