Tuesday, 19 March 2013

An Inappropriate but worthwhile Shout-out!

Greetings Readers!

I am going to post two links to a blog that a close of mine just started. She and I chat very often regarding our "religious and spiritual journeys" and I am now happy to be able to be reading her posts!

She has experience in a variety of religious traditions and quite a story herself that I will let her share with you through her wonderful blogs!

So here they are! These are "Skeptical Witch" and "Solitary Witch"


telmarisgreen2.wordpress.com (Skeptical Witch)

telmarisgreen.wordpress.com (Solitary Witch)

Thank you for reading! 

Enjoy her blogs if you are interested and pardon me for this commercial interruption! 


  1. A shout out is indeed in order. A lovely introduction to her is here: http://telmarisgreen2.wordpress.com/introduction-why-im-doing-this/

  2. Thanks for supporting a wonderful friend and blogger!

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